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Receptive Feature Request tool 

What is Receptive?

The Receptive Feature Request Integration is a new feature that allows you to suggest new features, vote on existing feature requests placed by other BrightMove customers, and assign an importance metric to your requests to emphasize your need for the requested feature.  With Receptive, you can participate in the BrightMove development process with an easy, efficient tool that gives your feature requests a platform for community involvement.  Request, vote for, and share your great ideas today!

*Receptive is not for bug reports or account questions. It is only for Feature requests and Improvement requests.

How Does It Work?

The Receptive Feature Request Integration is a friendly tool that uses your existing BrightMove login information to access your feature requests as well as those features requested by other BrightMove customers.  

To access this exciting new tool, please follow these steps:

1) Log into your BrightMove account

2) Select the Help menu

3) Choose the Request BrightMove Feature link.  

You will automatically be signed into your new Receptive account where you can immediately start contributing to the development community through your Receptive Dashboard screen.

Receptive Dashboard 

The Dashboard Screen will be your home page within the Receptive user interface.  From this screen, you can suggest a new feature using the button at the top of the page .  

This screen also includes all of the feature requests that have been suggested by other members of the BrightMove community.  You can use the voting buttons  to voice your opinion on any previously suggested feature requests.  Once you begin casting your votes for feature requests, you will be able to adjust the importance of those voted items by using the slide ruler in the section labeled "Prioritise the features you've chosen".  Choose the most important feature to you and slide the toggle to the right to increase its importance and weight.  There is a set ratio for the importance scale, so as you increase the importance of one feature, the slider for your other feature requests will decrease.  You will also always have the option to remove a feature request from your list by selecting the Not Interested button.  

To see a list of all of your previous actions, please select the action button at the bottom of your Dashboard Screen .


The Releases Screen will display all suggested feature requests that have been developed and released into the current BrightMove version.  You can review which community suggested feature requests have already been created and included into the system to help better cast your own votes.


The Roadmap Screen will provide you with a list of every requested feature that is currently in Development as well as any feature that has been planned for future release.  By default, the screen will load the features in a "List" format, but you can use the View buttons  to switch the page view over to a graphical interface.  The Graphical View will provide a quarterly estimate for when the developing features will be released.