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This release contains some exciting Improvements that will enhance the BrightMove experience and some bug fixes. This new version will be released this weekend.

Receptive Integration

The Receptive Feature Request Integration is a new feature in your Help menu that allows you to suggest new features, vote on existing feature requests placed by other BrightMove customers, and assign an importance metric to your requests to emphasize your need for the requested feature.  With Receptive, you can participate in the BrightMove development process with an easy, efficient tool that gives your feature requests a platform for community involvement.  Request, vote for, and share your great ideas today!

Click here to learn how to use our Receptive integartion to request a BrightMove feature.

Graph Dashboard Panes are now Clickable

All Dashboard panes that contain graphs are now clickable to drill down into who makes up the results shown. Graphs include: Candidate Pipeline, Candidate Source, My Opportunities, Job Status Graph. 

Example- Candidate Pipeline Graph- now you can not only see how many Candidates are in each Stage but you can click on a stage on the graph and will be taken to the Candidate Power Search to see who those Candidates are in that stage. 

Candidate and Manager profile dashboard tab graphs are also clickable!

Click here to learn more about our dashboard panes.

Managing Candidate and Manager Duplicate Profiles- screen improvement

We've updated the look and responsiveness of the Duplicate Candidates and Duplicate Managers screens where you manager duplicate profiles. We've replaced the check boxes with toggles, put the results into tables for easier viewing and sorting and added a search box. 

Click here to learn more about managing duplicate Candidates.

Click here to learn more about managing duplicate Managers.

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