Job Portal Application

BrightForms can replace your BrightMove default portal application to allow you to build your own custom application look and content. 

Internet Explorer 11

Please note that Internet Explorer 11 is not a supported browser for BrightForms use.

Candidate Assigned Forms

You can create any kind of form to assign directly to Candidates via their profile. Some potential uses for BrightForms are:

  • Onboarding forms such as IRS forms or background check 
  • Follow-up forms after initial application
  • New Hire paperwork

Community BrightForms

We have pre-crafted some popular community forms, the W-4 and I-9, that our customers may use for free! Click here for more information about Community Forms use.


BrightForms can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Submittal Workflow. You can have a BrightForm be kicked off to a Candidate upon entering a submittal status and upon Candidate completion of the form, their submittal status can be changed to a status of your choosing.

BrightForms are a perfect onboarding tool. 


Pricing is $29.00 per published form, per month. However if you will need many forms we offer an unlimited form package for $99 per month.

You will subscribe to how many Published BrightForms you want each month. This will allow you to publish up to that amount each month. This is an excellent value since you only pay a monthly fee for the form, not the number of times it is utilized.

You do not pay for BrightForm Drafts. 

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